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About Elite Elevators

Elite Elevators is the most reputed home elevator company in India. Headquartered in Chennai, we provide home elevators, stairlifts, and platform lifts for residential spaces all over India. From small houses, villas, bungalows, residential buildings and luxury homes, our elevators will provide the best solution for vertical transit.

Our residential elevators are manufactured by TK Access Solutions at their special facility in Pisa, Italy and conform to the highest European standards. We offer home elevators that are tailor-made, pitless, and require no shaft and no machine room, making it the best fit for all your needs. All home lifts provided by Elite Elevators can be installed in properties currently under construction or installed seamlessly within an existing residence.

At Elite we understand the struggles faced by individuals to access different floors in their own houses, and providing people with the power of accessibility is where our strength lies. Elite Elevators has emerged as the number one home elevator company in a short span of time. This is possible due to our sheer excellence and our passion to elevate homes and provide great comfort to homeowners.

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What Distinguishes Our Domestic Lifts From Others?

Install it Indoors or

Enjoy the best of both worlds without sacrificing style or functionality with our indoor and outdoor compatible domestic lifts

No Pit, Headroom and Machine Room Needed

Our domestic lifts have done away with space-consuming features like the pit, machine room and headroom, maximising efficiency and space usage in your home.

The Perfect Blend of Style & Substance

Our domestic lifts are more than just functional – they’re also incredibly stylish. Powered by the best elevator technology in the world, you get the smoothest, fastest and quietest ride.

Complete User Safety

A SIL 3 certification, adherence to European home safety codes, 5+ in-built safety layers and a safety system separate from the OSG enable us to secure your safety in our domestic lifts.

Reliable Domestic Lifts

No disruptions during power cuts – enjoy undisturbed use of your domestic lift with our two backup power supplies. For an added layer of security, you can connect your fire alarm system to the main electronic board of the lift.
Outdoor Home Elevator

Why You Should Invest In A Home Lift

Pure comfort, extreme convenience, reduced strain, and independence are several benefits of investing in a home lift. Apart from these obvious benefits, you’d be surprised to know that home lifts increase property value, consume low energy, require minimal maintenance and can last decades.

Since these benefits of home lifts still need to be discovered, we want to bring them closer to your knowledge. A consultation with our elevator specialist will do just the trick! We could just sell you an elevator and call it a day. But, here lies the difference. We go the extra mile to share our expertise with you to ensure you fully understand the value of home lifts and how they can improve your lifestyle.

Home Elevator Installation Made Easy With Elite Elevators

All you have to do is place the order – we take care of the rest. From the moment your order is sent to production till the day your home elevator is installed, everything you need is handled by our team of sales and operations executives and manufacturer-trained technicians deployed exclusively for you. The team’s singular focus is following up on your order with our partner’s production facility in Italy, coordinating delivery and ensuring your project is completed on time and to specifications.

Our partner, TK Access Solutions, boasts the best home elevators and build quality. A spectacular feature that aids in speedy installation is the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) feature. The CKD feature means our elevators are assembled like Legos since they do not require welding, taping or ducting. Additionally, some of our models can be installed with no civil work, too!

Indoor Home Elevator
Stair Lift for Elderly

Get The Best Value From Your Home Lift

We take our title as the No. 1 Home Elevator Selling Company in India very seriously. Apart from our incredible product range, we credit this achievement to our tailored client services.

When we offer you our safest stair lift, we offer more than the product itself. We offer you the best advice, working with you to understand your requirements thoroughly, your residential feasibility, and the untapped possibilities in your home. This extra effort means that the final product doesn’t merely enhance mobility – it directly amplifies the appeal of your property.

What Makes Our Domestic Lifts High-End?

Suitable For All Environments (Indoor and Outdoor)
Your vision of soaking in the sights of your perfectly manicured backyard from the comfort of your home lift can be a reality with us. Our home lifts are made for both indoor and outdoor use, clad in our signature metallic shaft to protect it from all weather conditions, including minor seismic activity.
Not Pit, Headroom or Machine Room Required
No pit, machine room and headroom of the traditional lift is required for our modern home lifts, helping you preserve precious real estate. With the elimination of these space-consuming features, you not only save tons of space but the installation window becomes smaller as well.
High on Style & Function
With our home lifts, experience intuitive and innovative technology and drives. They are one of the leading technologies and drives in the world, delivering you a seamless, super comfortable and noiseless performance.
Safety Through & Through
Featuring a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification and compliance with European home safety standards, expect nothing but the best security in our home lifts. To ensure your lift is not affected by mechanical failures, our safety system is separated from the OSG.
Dependable Solutions
You don’t need to worry about getting stranded during power outages anymore! With not one but two backup batteries, you can enjoy uninterrupted use of our home lifts 24/7. As an added measure of safety, you can even connect the lift’s main electronic board to a fire alarm system.
We are certified by TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards


  No Headroom Required

  No Machine Room Required

  No Pit Required

  Incredibly Smooth

  Silent and Fast Ride

  100% Vaastu Compliant




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